Durastrong GI wire is uniform in size all through its length the wires manufactured have uniform zinc coating and is of highest quality. The GSM coating of zinc on Durastrong GI wire is higher and best in the industry. The higher Zinc coating forestalls corrosion and ensures longer life of the product.

Key Features

  • Unmatched combination of ductility & strength
  • Higher length per kg and thus can tie more number of joints
  • Breakage free tying, hence less wastage plus saves time
  • Anti-moisture packaging makes it secure, which ensures longer rust proof shelf life


Wire type Hot Dip GI Wire
Wire Dia 0.50mm to 4.00 mm(22guage /8guage)
UTS/Hardness 30 to 55 kg/mm2 (Soft Material)
Coating GSM 30 to 45 gsm
Wire Tol +/- 0.05mm
Coil Dia 300mm - 600mm
Coil wt 25 kgs to 80kg
Surface Condition Galvanized ,Smooth & Bright