Durastrong E 6013 welding electrode is an ISI Certified electrodes which are ideal and versatile electrode for all types of fabrication and general engineering works. It also finds suitability in areas such as ship building, wagon building, tanks etc and has good mechanical properties with excellent deposition rate. Slag is self-releasing and our electrodes have good restriking qualities. Durastrong welding electrodes can be used with both AC and DC, it also works well on low O.C.V transformer.

Key Features

  • ISI Certified welding electrodes
  • Low smoke
  • Less sparkle
  • Electrode can be used for longer duration
  • Resists oxidation and cracking
  • Value for money
  • Confirming to AWS – E 6013 (American Welding Electrodes) Mica basics with 50% rutile.

Specifications:Manufactured as per E 6013 Standards

Size PKT Box Weight per Box*
(+ or - 250gms Tolerance)
Current Range In AMPS
2.50 x 350mm 135 PCS 1080 PCS 20.0Kgs 60 - 90
3.15 x 350mm 90 PCS 720 PCS 20.0Kgs 100 - 140
4.0 x 450mm 60 PCS 480 PCS 28.0Kgs 140 - 190


Test Certificate